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News and Events

Things are moving quickly in regulation and healthcare law.


Running a practice is becoming more complicated than ever.


Here is a place to look for news on the billing front of practice management.


While not all the news will be presented here (no surprise there!) things that we feel are important or just pique our interest will find their way here.





This web site is meant to provide pertinent news, commentary and solutions to common practice issues in ophthalmology. In an increasingly fast paced, competitive and regulated field we try to find pertinent local and national news, commentary to put things in perspective and solutions in equipment, coding and best practices.


Commentary, news and reviews are more important than ever as we are quite literally inundated with news and stories possibly related to our professional lives. We will try to fill in the blanks, to make the connections that are needed for practical action.  

Patient Education  Kurt Buzard MD

Save chair-time and get better educated patients with brochures, posters and some new high tech approaches.

Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) Changes  Kurt Buzard MD

Beginning Monday, March 1, 2009 new forms.

Using the Eye Codes for the Ophthalmic Visit  Kurt Buzard MD

Learn to code for yourself to make more money and sleep better at night.

Coding References for Ophthalmology  Kurt Buzard MD

Books, Aids and Newsletters to help with coding

Upcoming Conferences

This list is not complete but links to other societies and publications should help you to find the conference you want to attend

More Meetings>

ASCRS/ASOA Symposium & Congress  Cornea&Glaucoma Day
March 25-29, 2011 San Diego, CA
Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA)

April 10 to 13, 2011 Orlando, FL

ARVO/ISIE 7th Annual Meeting

May 2011  Fort Lauderdale, FL

SOE European Society of Ophthalmology

June 4-7, 2011  Geneva

Eye Bank Association of America (EBBA)

October 14-15, 2010  Chicago


Sept 4-8, 2010  Paris

AAO/MEACO Annual Meeting  Subspecialty Day

Oct 15-19, 2010  Chicago

Hawaiian Eye 2010

Jan 16-21, 2011  Maui

World Cornea Congress (Cornea Society)

April 15-17  2015  San Diego

Interesting Blogs and Web Sites A new coursae at he AAO  Research, techniques and publications of Dr Buzard

Center for Medicare Advocacy

Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care Cool maps and charts

Health Law Section ABA Health eSource  Health Law

HIM Coding  Resources & certification info for new medical coders

Riva Lee Asbell  Good billing articles

The Commonwealth Fund  News, Charts and Opinion

The Kaiser Foundation  Statistics, opinion

Piper Reort  Edited by Kip Piper  Medicare news, commentary

Surviorship A-Z Practical Information for Living Successfully After a Diagnosis Help with your computer issues

A plethora of abbreviations are used in coding for ophthalmology, a few of them are listed here. Or review a history of medicare here. See all of the reference materials here.

Physicians Under Seige

Course materials and lectures presented at the AAO by Michael Goldstein MD, physician and lawyer and Kurt Buzard MD